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Integrated Performance  :: HONDA :: Honda Civic 96-98 2dr/4dr/HB VFiber Poly-Urethane Invader5 1pc Front Bumper
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1. Honda Civic 96-98 2dr/4dr/HB VFiber Poly-Urethane Invader5 1pc Front Bumper
3. Honda Del Sol 93-97 2dr VFiber FRP Blits 4pc Body Kit
4. Honda Civic 99-00 C-2 Complete Body Kit
5. Honda Civic 96-00 2dr/HB VFiber Poly-Urethane Feels 2pc Side Skirts

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Glyde Poly-Urethane
VIS Racing

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Honda Civic 96-98 2dr/4dr/HB VFiber Poly-Urethane Invader5 1pc Front Bumper
Honda Civic 96-98 2dr/4dr/HB VFiber Poly-Urethane Invader5 1pc Front Bumper
Glyde Poly-Urethane is a rubbery-type material that is very flexible and will hold up well in the case of an accident. Urethane is popular for its durability and great fitment. Glyde Urethane only uses top quality injection material for all its urethane body kit molds.

Quantity in stock10 item(s) available
Price: $329.00 (€ 286.23)


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The boy lunged. Remo swept him up under his arm. Now things had really gone too far. Fighting a dwarf had been bad enough. But if Chiun expected him to murder a ten-year-old kid, he could take his traditions and shove them up the old archives.
Helg the Shefanhow to stand, lad.' Glandyth's low, harsh voice contained something like a note of affection as he addressed the boy. Help him stand, Rodlik.'

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The Prince's eyes went to the young man, lying beside the fire. Even in slumber, the stern face did not relax, the brows remained drawn over it in a brooding, heavy line.

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He's still a professional. He's been a professional since childhood.

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As he spoke, they moved forward in the lineup. When that was done, and Modyun had taken time to glance at the face of the person who had been sentenced and was now departing -- it was an expressionless countenance, reminiscent of a crocodile, or at least of a reptile of some kind, and told him nothing -- he returned his attention to the rat-man, and said, How did they catch you?

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